Warren junior moving on to DECA nationals

Ryan Zavinski’s first year in the Accounting Program at Warren County Career Center has been successful.

The Warren Area High School Junior is the son of Ruth and Jeff Zavinski. He placed second in the district DECA competition for Principles of Business and Administration, before going on to place fourth at the State DECA competition earlier this year. By placing fourth in the state competition, Zavinski cemented his place in the national DECA competition being held this April 21-24 in Atlanta, Ga.

Zavinski’s event is a combination of multiple choice knowledge evaluation and role play events where students are evaluated based on their ability to respond to a practical business-related situation. For states, Zavinski said, he played the role of an applicant asked to describe what he meant by “leadership” on his CV.

“It’s been fun. It’s a lot of really good experience for the business world,” said Zavinski of both the Accounting program at WCCC and the DECA competition. “Everything,” Zavinski said, “is business. If you’re working and making money, you’re in business one way or another.” For him, though, public relations is the genre of business Zavinski said he’d like to get into. “I like to work with people. I’m a speaker. I like to talk a lot,” he said. “I just really like meeting and working with people.” The hardest part about the program, Zavinski said, is learning all of the jargon associated with business. Other than that, though, Zavinski said he’s very excited about the upcoming national competition and very much looks forward to completing the accounting program at WCCC.

The career center is excited about him as well. “He’s a pretty darn dynamic young man,” said WCCC Principal Jim Evers. “He’s going to be very successful in whatever he chooses to do in the future.”