Superintendent updates board on district’s safety procedures

“We have to be extra diligent….This is a time where we can’t take things lightly.”

In the wake of a string of threats against students in several Warren County School District facilities – and last month’s school massacre in Florida – WCSD Superintendent Amy Stewart updated the board on Monday in what they’re doing to ensure the county’s students stay safe. Stewart said she is “trying to focus on the things we are doing.”

That include an ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training last week that was “more well attended” than prior training sessions.

She also said that the district will be working through a periodic state audit that includes many safety items as the state is “trying to look at it from a state-wide perspective in terms of what we can do.”

She credited the emphasis in keeping the doors locked, the school resource officer program, law enforcement across the county that has “been amazing” as well as ongoing “intruder drills in all the buildings.”

“We’re taking it very seriously,” Stewart said, explaining that she has been in touch with the district attorney as well as the county’s judges who have expressed that they are “pleased in how we’re doing things” and “confident in our processes.

“One thing I would encourage is parents to have serious conversations with kids at home. This is a time where we can’t take things lightly…. We have to be extra diligent (and) have those conversations with kids about being extra careful (about) things said in school.”

“We do have kids coming forward to report,” Stewart added. “The students are comfortable and motivated to come forward (and) adults are supporting them. Everyone is taking this seriously.”

She said that they want to acknowledge that people are fearful and “emphasize what we can do. That’s where we need to be.”