Seats open on landscape committee

The Street Landscape Committee is looking to fill at least two seats soon.

According to committee chair Josie Gerardi, the Street Landscape Committee is interested in finding “at least two” new voting members to fill vacant seats. The committee has a maximum of nine seats, with two and possibly a third being empty either now or in the near future, said Director of Public Works Mike Holtz.

“If you have a care and concern for the City of Warren’s trees,” said Gerardi, the Street Landscape Committee would like you to consider signing on. The SLC meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m., and its function includes facilitating the care, planting, and monitoring and maintenance of city trees. That includes trees both on the street and in parks, said Gerardi.

“We also do a lot of planning for events like Arbor Day,” said Gerardi, “anything that has to do with the city’s trees.” Anyone interested should submit a letter to the Department of Public Works for consideration, Gerardi said. Letters of interest will be presented at City Council, which will approve new members.

“Warren is incredible with its trees,” said Gerardi. “The city puts a lot of effort and money into its trees, and we are always hearing comments about our city’s trees and how well taken care of they are.”