Rapp selected to lead Pennsylvania Health Committee

State Representative Kathy Rapp, left, walks with members of the Revitalization of Youngsville committee during a recent trip to Warren County.

State Representative Kathy Rapp (R-65) has been selected to chair the Pa. House of Representatives Health Committee.

Speaker of the House Mike Turzai made the selection.

“As one of Legislature’s most consistent and outspoken pro-life advocates, I am honored with the opportunity to lead this highly active committee that is on the forefront of protecting the sanctity of all human life and improving the overall quality of health care for all Pennsylvania citizens,” Rapp said in a statement.

“I am greatly looking forward to the remainder of the current legislative session, when the House Health Committee is expected to consider many other vital health issues including, opioid addiction and legislation that would prohibit the abortion of any child solely due to a diagnosis of possible Down syndrome.”

According to the statement, the scope of the committee “deals with issues such as abortion, disease management, health savings accounts, hospital-acquired infections, Medical Assistance, patient safety, pharmaceutical issues, telemedicine and much more.”

She will continue as the chair of the Pennsylvania House Pro-Life Caucus.

“Rep. Rapp is going to do a tremendous job as chairwoman of the Health Committee,” Turzai said.. “Not only does she have a health care background, but she is also thorough and thoughtful in her approach as a lawmaker.”

Rapp cited prior experience in the health and human services fields prior to taking office in 2004, including as a community relations representative with Beverly Health Care as well as a compliance monitor with the Pennsylvania Department of Education “to examine special education programs throughout the state and performed work as a consultant with the Parent Education Network.”