County RDA talks properties of concern

The Warren County Redevelopment Authority discussed several properties during a meeting this week.

First up was the property at 1667 Priest Hollow Road.

The owner, Blaine Bidwell, told the RDA that some members of the Amish community tore down the barn on the property but weren’t interested in tearing down the house.

He said the structure has been vacant for two or three years.

“It needs to be hauled away but I don’t have the money,” he said.

Pine Grove Township Supervisor Charles Morrison said the problem with the property is that there is no lawn to go with the house other than where the house sits.

“(I) realize I have to do something with that trailer. It looks bad sitting there,” Bidwell said.

RDA Chairman Chuck Barone emphasized the need to make sure the structure is secured.

Bidwell asked if the property could be torn down and hauled away and Barone said that would be the best outcome.

Authority member Joe Scully then moved to table the property to next month “to see if Mr. Bidwell can find someone to take care of it for scrap.”

The owner of 116 W. Main St, Hobson McKown, informed the RDA via a letter delivered by his father that the property is being sold with hopes of closing on the deal in the next two weeks.

Solicitor Andrea Stapleford said that a conservatorship petition has been filed with the court and that she would be willing to consult with the buyer to address that petition “as soon as the sale goes through so it won’t (create) any problems.”

A crumbling camp on Farnsworth Road owned by David Bennett of Michigan was before the RDA for the first time.

County Planner Dan Glotz said that a couple of certified mail cards have been returned from the owner but no additional contact has been made.

Barone noted that rehabilitation is not an option.

“It’s gone,” he said.

Glotz said that a neighbor would like to purchase the property but can’t get a response from the owner.

“If the neighbor wants to buy it, it should be solved,” Barone said. “There shouldn’t be a problem.”

Stapleford suggested sending a letter to the owner indicating a desire to hear from the owner by the April meeting and then proceeding with conservatorship in lieu of such a response.