Warren County Commissioners sign on for independant commission

The Warren County Commissioners have signed on to a resolution calling for an independent commission to draw legislative districts in the Commonwealth.

At a previous work session, Phyllis Wright with the League of Women Voters asked the commissioners to consider a resolution that would call for the independent commission comprised of four Republicans, four Democrats and four members from other parties.

Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said that it is important to note that the current process benefits both parties and is “explicitly a partisan process.”

“This would allow for an explicitly non-partisan way to draw the maps,” Eggleston said, noting that the current process makes it difficult for some to determine who their representative and, accordingly, drive down turnout.

“It would be good for Pennsylvania to do what other states have done.”

Commissioner Cindy Morrison said she wants the process to be fair but is not sure the state legislature will take up the proposal.

Commissioner Ben Kafferlin acknowledged gerrymandering but said he is not in favor of a proposal that opposes any move to take government and add additional bureaucracy to it.

He alleged that a commission would make citizens “further insulated” from the process.

He also said that he isn’t aware of the specifics of the proposal and “can’t affix my name to something” without those details.

The resolution passed with Morrison and Eggleston voting in the affirmation and Kafferlin voting in opposition.

Wright said she is happy the resolution was passed and said that she hopes more people will take an interest in what their legislators are doing.