Two properties moved to blighted committee

A pair of blighted properties were on the agenda at this month’s Warren County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Properties in Mead and Pine Grove Townships received their second declaration of blight, allowing them to be moved to the Blighted Properties Committee.

The first property discussed, located on Farnsworth Road in Mead Township, is owner by David J. Bennett Jr. of Pinkney, Michigan.

“This property was submitted by Mead Township supervisors in October of last year,” said County Planning Director Dan Glotz. “The owner was notified and asked to attend a township meeting, but he did not show up. Notice was posted on the building. The property was forwarded to the Blighted Property Review Committee and was declared blighted. We did notify the owner of this evening’s meeting.”

The owner of the property was not present at the meeting. Glotz also said the property’s 2016 tax status was delinquent.

Pictures of the 0.82 acre property were viewed by the commission.

“It’s clear this property has been abandoned,” said Paul Pascuzzi of Clarendon Borough. “It would be a detriment to anyone in that neighborhood.”

The second property that was discussed, located in Pine Grove Township, was described by Glotz as being in “rough shape”.

The property sits at1667 Priest Hollow Road and is owned by Blaine Bidwell.

“Some of the photos don’t look so bad, but as you work your way around the structure you can see why it was declared blighted,” Glotz said. “There is missing siding, the roof is coming off, and there is danger of collapse. The owner of the structure did attend the Blighted Property Review Committee meeting. At that meeting he mentioned that he wished to contact the fire department to ask if they could burn the structure down. He only owns the structure, not the land.”

“Regardless of what the owner wants, the condition is the condition,” Pascuzzi said.

The property, which was tax delinquent in 2014, 2015, and 2016, has been vacant for “at least a year”, according to Glotz.