Deadline looms for redistricting effort

Most recent proposal wouldn’t have impacted Warren County

This graphic shows the GOP proposal that was rejected by Governor Tom Wolf on Tuesday.

While the end result of the ongoing fight over Pennsylvania’s Congressional maps remains up in the air, the proposal that Gov. Tom Wolf rejected on Tuesday would not have impacted Warren County.

The entirety of Warren County is currently part of the 5th Congressional District.

While the county’s status remained in a plan put forth last week by General Assembly leaders Joe Scarnati and Mike Turzai, the rest of the 5th District underwent a significant overhaul.

Removed were parts of Erie and Huntingdon counties while roughly half of Crawford County was added.

Clarion County, which is currently split under the maps the state Supreme Court has deemed unconstitutional, was brought wholly back into the 5th District.

Mifflin and Lycoming counties, not currently split, were cut in the rejected proposal, with a portion being added to the 5th District from each county.

Other changes in the Republican proposal came further east.

While a portion of Tioga is currently in the 5th, the proposal would have resulted in Tioga and Bradford counties being wholly incorporated in the 5th.