Commissioners talk fuel allocations, credit cards

Liquid fuels allocations and a policy for county credit cards were the sole topics of discussion during a brief Warren County Commissioners work session held on Monday.

Chief Clerk Pam Matve said that she prepared three possible allocation plans, one of which will need to be selected for action at the next regular meeting.

She said that the county allocated $155,000 to the county’s municipalities in both 2016 and 2017 and could continue with that amount or increase it to $160,000 or $165,000 with the result being less held in reserve.

Matve said that the funds are in part used to pay for bridge inspections but said that the county will pay the inspection invoice and then receive 80 percent reimbursement from the state which “depends on how soon the state can pay us back.”

She said that the funds are given proportionally to the county’s municipalities “because we don’t own any county roads. We can keep up to 50 percent in our checking account from what we get from the state (but have) never done that.”

Matve said the municipalities can’t apply for the funds until the commissioners act on the resolution.

Keith Hedges, the county’s human services director, said that Commissioner Ben Kafferlin asked him to assemble a credit card policy for the county that outlines a “standard procedure so every department is handling (credit cards) the same.”

Matve, who said this covers all the county’s credit cards – purchasing and travel, said that she is currently tasked with going to the bank and obtaining the cards as well as maintaining the users on the accounts.