Career Center renovations included in district’s plans

The future of buildings and grounds in the Warren County School District was up for discussion during Monday night’s Physical Plants and Facilities meeting.

Included in that discussion was a proposed schedule for Warren County Career Center renovations and additions.

Director of Buildings and Grounds Norbert Kennerknecht presented a draft of the proposed schedule to the board.

“This schedule outlines the steps necessary to take the project from zero design to the actual construction period,” Kennerknecht said. “This is an informational document.”

The proposed schedule:

¯ Schematic Design: Start date February 27, 2018, End date April 26, 2018

¯ Preliminary Design: Start date April 27, 2018, End date July 1, 2018

¯ Pre-Final Design: Start date July 2, 2018, End date November 6, 2018

¯ Final Design: Start date November 7, 2018, End date December 31, 2018

¯ RediCheck Review: Start date January 1, 2019, End date January 30, 2019

¯ RediCheck Changes: Start date February 3, 2019, End date February 28, 2019

¯ Bid Documents to Printer: Start date March 2, 2019, End date March 7, 2019

¯ Advertise/Bid Date: Start date: March 7, 14, 28, 2019, End date March 30, 2019

¯ Construction: Start date May 1, 2019, End date August 20, 2020

¯ The schedule is purposely designed to received bids on the construction during early spring.

“We are looking at mid-to-late March to receive bids,” Kennerknecht said.

“This is ideal because contractors are in winter mode and looking for work. It’s a less busy time for them.”

Kennerknecht also provided a 7-year buildings and grounds planning worksheet to the board.

“This is a fluid document,” he said. “It hopefully represents things for the board to keep an eye on. We do keep it fluid, but a lot of the projects are predictable. For instance, you can’t predict the exact date that a roof will fail. But we have an idea from past experiences.”

The 7-year plan includes projects at Beaty Warren Middle School, Central Office, Eisenhower Middle/Elementary School, Sheffield Area Middle/High School, Sheffield Area Elementary School, Warren Area High School and Warren Campus, Youngsville Elementary/Middle School, as well as miscellaneous projects/purchases necessary district wide.

Specific projects range from roof replacements to stage lights to parking lot painting.

“As you can see on the document, this plan doesn’t include as many projects for buildings that are currently being renovated or will be in the near future,” Kennerknecht said. “Again, this plan is not hard and fast but I’m trying to be as comprehensive as possible.”

The entire plan is available to view on the school district website.