Morrison takes issue with WCCBI funding

When the Warren County Commissioners approved the 2018 budget on Friday, Commissioner Cindy Morrison “disapproved” of, among several items, the county’s $40,000 contribution to the Warren County Chamber of Business and and Industry.

“We fund the WCCBI $40,000. They do not hold open meetings,” she said. “I’m against funding an organization that does not open up their meetings to the public.”

Commissioner Ben Kafferlin said that the commissioners serve on the board and “get financial reports monthly.”

Though the commissioners by the nature of their office are each granted a seat, Morrison has previously said that she won’t attend because the meetings aren’t open.

So, what oversight – if any – does the county have over that money?

Kafferlin made the argument that the transportation time and staff time for WCCBI staff in serving as the county’s representative on the Northwest Commission and Workforce Development Board as well as being the county’s designated economic development board, as well as the WCCBI’s involvement in luring the Rural Regional College headquarters to Warren “easily account for $40,000 worth of time.

He said that doesn’t count for the events the WCCBI hosts.

“The $40,000 is a small fraction of the budget of WCCBI,” he said.

“Between Jakes Rocks and the RRC, (WCCBI CEO and President) Decker and the WCCBI basically spearheaded the entire effort to coordinate and pitch this county to the RRC,” Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said. “Frankly, without the WCCBI, we wouldn’t have the RRC.”