Local fire and ambulance organizations awarded grants funded by Pa. gambling

Gambling is paying off in Warren County.

State Representative Kathy Rapp announced on Tuesday that 19 Warren County fire departments and ambulance organizations have been awarded grant funding from a program administered by the Office of the State Fire Commissioner.

“Our local volunteer fire and ambulance companies face numerous challenges in protecting life and property in our communities,” Rapp said. “They also must invest a large amount of their time raising funds to ensure they can continue their mission. That’s why I am grateful this flexible grant program exists so that our volunteers can apply these funds to best meet their local needs.”

According to a statement from Rapp’s office, the funding comes from the proceeds of slot machine gambling and not general fund tax fund revenue.

“Projects eligible for funding include construction or renovation of a fire or ambulance company facility, purchase or repair of equipment, training or debt reduction,” the statement explained.

The following of fire and ambulance service providers in Warren County received grant awards: Bear Lake VFD ($11,543), Cherry Grove VFD ($11,543), City of Warren ($15,000) and $7,037 for emergency management services (EMS) operations; Clarendon VFD ($11,543) and $7,037 for EMS operations; Columbus VFD ($12,280); Garland VFD ($11,543); Glade VFD ($13,386); Grand Valley VFD ($11,543) and $7,037 for EMS operations; Lander VFD ($11,543); Pleasant ($11,911) and $7,037 for EMS operations; Russell VFD ($11,911) and $7,037 for EMS operations; Scandia VFD ($11,911) and $7,037 for EMS operations; Sheffield VFD ($11,727) and $6,766 for EMS operations; Spring Creek VFD ($11,931); Starbrick VFD ($11,727); Sugar Grove VFD ($11,543) and $7,037 for EMS operations; Tidioute VFD ($11,543) and $7,037 for EMS operations; Wrightsville VFD ($12,280) and Youngsville VFD ($11,543) and $7,037 for EMS operations.