Irvine man sentenced for high-speed chase in county

A high speed chase in Southwest Township has landed a man in the Warren County Jail.

Garrett J. Anderson, Irvine, was sentenced on Friday by President Judge Maureen Skerda.

The incident at the heart of the charges occurred in Southwest Township on March 24.

District Attorney Rob Greene said that Anderson led police on 10-minute high speed chase with three passengers in the car reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour on a dirt road.

He said that “behavior cannot be tolerated” and could have resulted in death.

Greene said he almost hit two police cruisers and noted that the sentence could be a state sentence but added he is asking for a lengthy county sentence.

Anderson offered a “most sincere apology” for his “reckless decision and action.”

He said his “life flashed before his eyes” when he was being pulled over and “panicked” and “felt no way out” of the grave he dug for himself.

Anderson acknowledged he has been self-medicating mental health issues, acknowledges this conviction means he won’t be able to hunt anymore and added that he wants to be a “productive member of society. I’m very sorry.”

His attorney, Joseph Ryan, acknowledged Anderson’s past but has a job arranged depending on what happens with Friday’s sentencing.

Speaking to Anderson, Skerda said that he knows there are things he would want to take back but said that “crime does not work that way.”

She said she watched the video of the incident and said “it was reckless, careless” but she pointed out that Anderson used turn signals during the chase which is “unusual” for reckless behavior. She said he also complied with police once he stopped his vehicle.

Skerda said that his prior record includes underage drinking, theft and indecent assault but credited Anderson for acknowledging the issues he faces which she said is “most important to this court.”

Anderson was sentenced to six months to 18 months less one day incarceration in the Warren County Jail, two years probation, $1,625 in fines and fees, 100 hours of community service, submission of a DNA sample and participation in the COG program on a count of fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer. He was given credit for two days time served.

He is work release and early re-entry eligible.

On a count of DUI: Controlled substance – Schedule I – first offense, Anderson was sentenced to a six month intermediate punishment sentence including 72 hours incarceration with the duration to be served on probation, $1,175 in fines and fees, to participate in the alcohol highway safety school and victim impact panel programs, a 12 month license suspension, continuing drug and alcohol and mental health treatment and 15 hours of community service.

Anderson was also sentenced to two years probation and 100 hours of community service on a count of recklessly endangering another person, $245 in fines and fees on a count of reckless driving and $70 for stop signs and yield signs.