WCCC student spends a day with Children and Youth Services

Warren County Career Center senior Desirae McMillen spent a day with Warren County Children and Youth caseworkers recently.

McMillen, who is a student with the protective services program at WCCC, said that CYS was one of three places she expressed interest in doing a job shadow when she signed up for the partnership program between WCCC and Hi-Ed. McMillen is interested in potentially putting her protective services coursework to practical use by pursuing a career as a domestic violence victim caseworker, but she said that she wanted to gain as much insight into as many kinds of casework as possible.

The job shadow experience is a one-day placement of students from the career center with various county businesses and agencies within their field of interest. She spent her day with CYS general protection caseworker and mentor Kylei Davison.

What Davison said she hopes students who job shadow at CYS walk away with is an understanding of the positive change that can occur as a direct result of caseworker and family partnership. Davison said that McMillen accompanied her on a home visit early in the day on Thursday, and that she’d be sitting in on a family meeting Thursday afternoon.

McMillen said that part of her experience with CYS was along the lines of what she expected. Some of it, she said, was difficult. Hearing some of the stories of what families have gone through was hard, she said.

“It was eye opening.”

One of the things Davison said that job shadow students see first-hand is how mental health and addiction issues can affect families and children. She said that although there are some negative associations with CYS and the caseworkers who provide services to families involved with the agencies, the work itself can be incredibly rewarding.

“You can see a family completely turn things around,” said Davison. “It really is rewarding when you see an adult turn their lives around, and you see kids go from really hard to really great situations. The rewards really outweigh the bad.”