The survey says: PennDOT asks drivers for their input

Results of the complete PennDOT survey can be viewed at under “District Links.” (One question above)

The annual PennDOT survey results are in.

In PennDOT’s District One, which covers Crawford, Erie, Forest, Mercer, Venango, and Warren counties, a total of 715 people answered the survey.

This is the sixth year that PennDOT has solicited the information from drivers in the district in an effort to learn ways to improve performance.

While the survey is anonymous, participants had an opportunity to leave comments, as well as leave their names and contact information if they wanted a return call from a senior manager.

The results, according to district executive William Petit, will help PennDOT in“a variety of ways.”

The preferences and priorities of district drivers help PennDOT plan for construction projects and road maintenance, he said, as well as identify areas to focus on with public education and information sharing. Survey questions included asking about how important road smoothness, traffic flow, construction, safety, and communication are, as well as asking participants to rate PennDOT’s performance.

Answers to open-ended questions and conversations with district drivers in particular, said Petit, offer some of the most valuable information.

“Those conversations in the past have helped identify specific issues with roads and bridges and have yielded suggestions that have been incorporated in plans for projects.”

The two most important issues in day-to-day driving, according to survey participants, are snow and ice on winter roads and rough pavements with potholes. The least-encountered issue, according to survey results, is highway congestion. Participants rated PennDOT favorably in their efforts to keep the public informed of construction projects and work zones, as well as for providing reasonable and predictable travel times.

Smoother roads, longer lasting pavements, and effective road repairs done on a timely basis were identified as the most important goals for PennDOT to set.

Participants were able to submit their surveys online from Oct. 17 through Nov. 22, and was administered and recorded by PennDOT’s District One Information and Data Management Unit.

“We want to thank all of those who participated in the survey for assisting us with very valuable information and input. We certainly appreciate their time and effort, said Petit.

The full report on survey results can be found at under “District Links.”