The end is in sight

Nearly-finished roof signals end of exterior renovations at Struthers

Pictures taken by a drone show the brand new roof on Struthers Library Theater. The new roof is all but completed, and renovations are expected to be completely done by February 2018.

The new roof on Struthers Library Theater is just about done.

And there are pictures to prove it.

Pictures taken by a drone this week show the brand new roof that is “about 99 percent done,” according to Struthers Executive Director Marcy O’Brien.

Warmer-than-normal temperatures on Tuesday made conditions perfect for the drone.

“The drone can only fly if the temperature is above 35 degrees,” O’Brien said. “It can’t fly if it’s breezy, too. Tuesday was perfect, it was so exciting to watch. The drone was up for maybe three minutes. We are thrilled with how clear the pictures are.”

Drone pictures are “standard procedure” in roofing these days, according to O’Brien.

“This was all done as a quality check on their progress and to make sure that nothing gets missed,” she said. “They (Paramount Roofing) will only be here for another week, they are tweaking a few small things. Most of their equipment is gone. It’s winding down.”

The completion of the new roof will signal the end of exterior renovations at the theater. The previous roof was around 80 years old. The exterior renovation project has added an elevator tower, converted a retail space into a cafe, bar, and ice cream parlor, improved the sidewalks around the building, and dramatically changed the appearance at the front entrance.

“The elevator is done and waiting for inspection,” O’Brien said. “That will happen next week, hopefully. The sidewalks are all re-done and the lift is operational.”

The next and final steps in the renovation will take place inside of the theater. The old seats will be coming out the week of December 18, and level seats will be able to be purchased by the public. Details of that sale will be available soon.

“Once the old seats are gone, the floor bolts will be removed, and the floors on the main level and the balcony will be repaired and painted,” O’Brien said.

The multi-million dollar project, through public and private funding, has been aimed at improving accessibility to and in the building. Interior renovations will be completed in time for the theater’s grand re-opening on February 24, 2018.