Sugar Grove man sentenced for 2016 burglary

A Sugar Grove man was sent to state prison for his involvement in a July 2016 burglary in Freehold Township.

Judge Gregory Hammond handed down the sentence to Ehren Michael Brown, 39, on Friday morning.

Brown’s attorney, Alan Conn, said Brown has taken responsibility for his conduct and wrote a letter to the court that expresses remorse.

Conn acknowledged that Brown had many misconducts during his stay at the Warren County Jail but said that they were tied to psychological issues stemming from the death of his son.

He said that Commonwealth is not opposed to a county sentence and also noted that Brown sent a letter to the District Attorney that revealed information in the criminal case against Keller Wolfgang, who was sentenced to 20-40 years earlier this year for attempted murder.

Conn said that Brown’s revelation to the DA resulted in a “target” on his back in the jail and said that can explain some of his misconducts.

First Assistant District Attorney Cody Brown just asked for a standard range sentence and $4,157 in restitution.

Ehren Brown told the court that he has since started getting psychological help in the wake of his son’s death and said it is “very hard dealing with that in there.”

Hammond countered by asking about the monthly misconducts he had before his son’s death.

Brown said his conduct was out of character.

Hammond responded by detailing convictions in 1996, 2000, 2002, 2011, 2015 and two in 2016.

Given his record, when speaking on his role in the Wolfgang case, Hammond said he is “not sure a jury would believe a word you said.”

He then outlined misconducts including being an unauthorized area, throwing urine on an inmate, kicking and stomping an inmate, flooding his cell from plugging a toilet and repeatedly flushing it and another unauthorized area.

“All those predate the tragic death of your son,” Hammond said, detailing 10 misconducts since then including the possession of a “shank” on two separate occasions. He added that on November 17 Brown cheeked pills, crushed them and then turned the pills into a sheriff’s deputy alleging they came from an officer.

Hammond said that in 413 days in jail, Brown had earned 570 days of lockup.

“I don’t believe any of your letter,” Hammond said, adding that he does “sympathize with your daughter…. You have no one to blame but yourself.”

Given his conduct in the jail, Hammond said he wouldn’t be spending anymore time in the county jail.

He then sentenced Brown to 16-48 months in state prison, $4,157 in restitution, $1,625 in fines and fees, to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation and any recommended treatment, to have no contact with the victim or trespass on their property and submit a DNA sample on a count of criminal trespass. He was given credit for time served and is boot camp and recidivism risk reduction eligible.

On a count of theft by unlawful taking, Brown was sentenced to 16-48 months in prison and a $1,000 fine.