Sheriff warns of phone scam

If the sheriff calls you, it may not actually be the sheriff.

Warren County Sheriff Ken Klakamp said on Wednesday that sheriff’s offices around the state are reporting that citizens are receiving phone calls from scammers identifying themselves as the sheriff, a sheriff’s deputy, or a court official. The calls are an attempt to get the recipient to pay money for debts or warrants that the caller says they owe for.

In many of the calls, said Klakamp, the caller will identify themselves using the name of the specific sheriff, deputy, or court official who would be responsible for the county they’re calling, to make it seem more legitimate.

“Any Warren County resident receiving this type of call should attempt to gain as much information as possible,” from the caller, said Klakamp, including asking for the name of the person calling, what agency they represent, and a return call number. “Please report any such call to deputy Timothy Thomas at the Warren County Sheriff’s Office at (814) 723-7553,” said Klakamp. “If you’re not sure, make the call.”