Out in the cold

Frigid temperatures expected to continue through the weekend

The cold snap will continue.

According to meteorologist Joe Ceru, of the National Weather Service in State College, while wind chill advisories for regions surrounding Warren County were expiring Thursday morning, the cold will remain for a while.

“The lows will continue through the next few days and well into next week,” said Ceru. Temperatures are expected to rise into the upper single digits (five to nine degrees) through Friday night and Saturday morning. As for wind, he said it would be calming down, which makes the likelihood of a wind chill advisory being renewed fairly low.

“Usually for an advisory,” said Ceru, “we look at around negative-15 wind chill factors, and for an advisory we’re looking for wind chills in the negative-25 degree range.”

While wind chills in Warren are expected to remain in the zero to 10 degree range, said Ceru, precautions against the cold should still be taken.

“Dress in layers, wear suitable hats scarves and footwear, and wear something that will keep the warmth near your body,” Ceru advised.

Also, he said limiting the amount of time spent outdoors is important. While we’re not expected to be in the wind chill advisory or warning ranges, Ceru said that at a wind chill of negative-15, it takes only 30 minutes for frostbite to occur on exposed skin. At negative-25, that drops to 10 minutes.

The cold temperatures can be expected to continue through the weekend, Ceru said, and Warren County can expect to see six to eight inches of snow in its more northern and western regions, with expected accumulation to drop to between four and eight inches the farther south and east you go.

That accumulation, he said, will occur between Thursday and Saturday nights. In addition to extreme cold, Ceru said that Warren County residents should be aware of the potential for slippery roads with the risk of accumulation over the weekend.

And while speed limits have been raised on Interstates 86, 90, and 79 in Erie County, according to a PennDOT, another 12 to 18 inches is expected there over the weekend as well.

PennDOT reminds motorists to check conditions of roads using the 511PA app, by visiting www.511PA.com, or by calling 5-1-1. PennDOT also reminds drivers that anti-skid and salt is less effective the colder the temperature, and that the expectation should be passable roads, but not necessarily clear of snow and ice. PennDOT will continue to treat roadways throughout the weekend, “until roads are clear.”