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Workers from Fox and Sons Excavating remove logs from the parking lot at the Starbrick Access Ramp.

The parking lot at Starbrick Access Ramp has been closed this week.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission closed the lot in order to remove pine trees that had encircled the lot.

There have been continuing complaints about the trees.

“The trees drop sap and needles onto our customers’ vehicles while also keeping the lot damp and slick as they limit the sunlight,” Engineering Bureau Director Michele Jacoby said.

But, the main problem with the trees was that they have limited parking.

“The decision to remove the trees was specifically based on the fact that the pines limit the number of parking spots at the site,” Jacoby said. “Customers have always staggered their parking between the trees. We know the site is well-used by our customers, so increasing the available parking, along with providing the option for an expanded lot in the future, was our top priority.”

“The lot will be reopened as soon as the work is complete,” she said.

There were thirteen fresh-cut stumps at the lot Wednesday afternoon and a crew from Fox and Sons Excavating was removing logs. There were still trees standing at the east end of the lot.