Drug Task Force hauls in 20 dealers in 2017

Twenty drug dealers were nabbed in 2017 by the Warren County Drug Task Force.

And that effort will continue in 2018.

“During 2017 the Warren County Drug Task Force conducted 19 cases targeting methamphetamine, bath salts, heroin and other opiates,” Warren County Drug Task Force Coordinator Bill Mickle said.

“These cases have resulted in the arrest and prosecution of 20 drug dealers.”

The Times Observer reported on Thursday that William Housler and Christopher Madigan were recently arrested and charged with, among other things, possession with intent to deliver.

Those two men, along with Tyler Seybert and Dustin Campbell, were arrested by investigators on Tuesday, according to Mickle.

Mickle said that these cases “are the ones the District Attorney (Rob Greene) decided needed to be closed out for the year.”

“These subjects were involved in the sales of methamphetamine heroin and prescription opiates.”

“The WCDTF focuses on individuals and criminal organizations that are involved in the sale, delivery and importation of hard drugs into Warren County,” Mickle added. “We will continue to be proactive and work to protect Warren County from these threats into 2018 and the future.”