District may ‘test the water’ with former school buildings

Warren County School District may soon be looking to move some real estate.

The district has four former school properties that it is not using for students nor offices — Allegheny Valley Elementary School, Sheffield Elementary School, Sugar Grove Elementary School, and Pleasant Township Elementary School.

“We have had requests for our real estate,” Superintendent Amy Stewart said. “It may be time to go test the water.”

She said the district has several options when it comes to selling property — including sealed bids, a public auction, and a private sale.

“Until we decide to move forward with one of our options, there’s really no way (a prospective buyer) can initiate” a purchase, Stewart said.

She recommended going out to bid on the properties that have interested buyers.

“There is a cost to going out to bid, (but) it’s not an expensive endeavor,” she said.

The district could set a minimum, but board member Arthur Stewart said he would prefer the district not make its target price public. “If you put it up with no minimum bid, you are still not required to sell,” he said. “Let people be creative and tell us what they think it’s worth.”