County’s proposed budget available for public viewing

The Warren County commissioners’ proposed budget is available for public perusal at the commissioners office.

“The budget is printed and out in the commissioners office,” Commissioner Ben Kafferlin said at Monday’s work session.

The commissioners will vote on the budget later this month.

Dollars that do not come from the general fund got more attention on Monday.

The county receives unconventional gas well drilling impact fee dollars from local producers and from the state.

Those Act 13 dollars have been building up in a fund. “Every year we get roughly $35,000 into the fund,” Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said. “Previous boards tried to stockpile it.”

“We currently have over $150,000,” he said.

One of the approved uses of the funding is for community beautification.

The Struthers Library Theatre has asked the county for some support in its renovation project.

“I’m asking that the commissioners support donating $20,000 in our Act 13 funds,” Eggleston said.

“It’s a historic building,” he said. “It’s a huge draw downtown economically. It’s a beautiful building.”

Commissioner Cindy Morrison said she would like to see a detailed account of the eligible uses of the funds before approving dollars to the project.

The fund can benefit private entities, Eggleston said.

He said he would like to use some more of the Act 13 dollars on a different project.

He suggested using $45,000 for a feasibility study into courthouse renovation.

The study would investigate the roof, energy efficiency, and other concerns in the building. “From that, you would divine what the cost would be to do any of the portions,” Eggleston said. “Without a feasibility study, it’s going to be very difficult to get the state involved.”

Both Act 13 proposals will be on the agenda for the commissioners’ regular meeting at noon on Wednesday.