County tidying up 2017 budget

Part of approving the 2018 budget is tidying up the 2017 edition.

And while the Warren County Commissioners can’t close the 2017 budget until well into 2018, they took a step in that direction on Friday.

Commissioner Ben Kafferlin said that the 2017 budget was structured to have a $95,000 contingency fund because it was “such a tight budget” but added that it “looks like we will be staying within budget overall.”

Several budget amendments were then discussed.

Fiscal Director Judy Albaugh outlined several “areas that just plain went over” their 2017 budgeted amount.

Those included legal expenses over by $40,000, human resources by $11,000, court-appointed legal expenses by $66,000, the Sheriff’s department over by $9,000 because of overtime and Tax Claim by $10,000 because of a tax sale that needed to be redone.

“We did end up end of year with more than $130,000 to the good on hospitalization and prescriptions,” Albaugh said. “The jail ran a really right budget $58,000 under.”

She added that Assessment came in $30,000 under budget, as well.

She detailed that the budget for 2017 won’t be able to close for a while, though, as bills coming in over the next couple months for services in 2017 have to be included in the 2017 budget; though she still said that she is “cautiously” projecting the county to hit the “end of year favorably.”

“There are a lot of departments that are under budget.”

“Most of them have done a very good job this year,” Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said.

The commissioners then proceeded to shift money into the areas outlined earlier that went over budget while reducing health care by $130,000 and contingency by $6,000 to compensate.

That move was approved unanimously.