Corry man sent to state prison

A Corry man is headed to state prison on charges that he used an open fire pit on state game lands to dispose of waste from methamphetamine production.

Senior Judge William Morgan sentenced Thaddeus L. Czech, IV, 22, on Thursday on charges of possession with intent to deliver, deposits, stores, disposes chemical waste, causing or risking catastrophe and control of property regulations.

Czech was charged by the Game Commission for an incident which occurred in Spring Creek Township on April 12.

Online court records show that Czech pleaded guilty in December 2015 to a count of possession of red phosphorus, etc. with intent to manufacture controlled substances. Charges not prosecuted at the time included operating a methamphetamine lab.

In reading the charges prior to the plea earlier this month, Morgan said that Czech was found by police to be in possession of marijuana with intent to sell and also used an open fire pit on the state game lands to dispose of the waste from methamphetamine production.

His attorney, Alan Conn, acknowledged to Morgan on Thursday that Czech’s conduct “could have very serious consequences” but that Czech has participated in drug and alcohol treatment in the jail and is open to change and receptive to assistance.

First Assistant District Attorney Cody Brown said that methamphetamine is “plaguing our community at this time.”

Czech declined to offer comment to the court when given the opportunity to do so.

Morgan said that Czech’s employment history has been “unsatisfactory” and indicative of “obviously a need for treatment for the addiction.”

He detailed Czech’s prior record, including an intermediate punishment on DUI charges “that didn’t seem to make you come around” as well as methamphetamine-related charges in 2015.

Morgan said the charges are “all very serious because of what could have happened,” either via injury to himself or the damage that could have come from selling meth.

He then sentenced Czech to 12-24 months in state prison with credit for 157 days time served, $475 in fees and submission of a DNA sample on a count of possession with intent to deliver. His driver’s license was suspended for six months and Morgan said Czech is boot camp and recidivism risk reduction incentive eligible.

Morgan also sentenced Czech to six to 12 months in prison on a count of deposits, stores, disposes chemical waste and three to 12 months on a count of causing or risking a catastrophe.

He was fined $100 on a summary count of control of property regulations.

Morgan said that boot camp provides “a chance to pull yourself together.”