Corry man pleads guilty to producing methamphetamine

A Corry man has pled guilty to numerous felonies stemming from the production of methamphetamine.

Thaddeus L. Czech, IV, 22, pled guilty to felony counts of possession with intent to deliver, deposits, stores, disposes chemical waste and causing or risking catastrophe as well as a summary count of control of property regulations before Senior Judge William Morgan on Thursday morning.

He was charged by the Game Commission for an incident which occurred in Spring Creek Township on April 12 and remains held in the Warren County Jail on $75,000 bail.

Czech told Morgan that he was on probation or parole in Erie County when these offenses occurred.

After consulting with his attorney, Alan Conn, Conn stated the violation of his Erie County parole had been addressed.

Online court records show that Czech pleaded guilty in December 2015 to a count of possession of red phosphorous, etc. with intent to manufacture controlled substances. Charges not prosecuted at the time included operating a methamphetamine lab.

In reading the charges prior to the plea, Morgan said that Czech was found by police to be in possession of marijuana with intent to sell and also used an open fire pit on the state game lands to dispose of the waste from methamphetamine production.

Morgan outlined the maximum possible sentences, which include 24 years incarceration and $130,000 in fines on the three felony counts.