City to continue recycling program

The City of Warren will continue its recycling program in 2018.

But the cost is on the rise.

Warren City Council approved a contract with Advanced Disposal at Monday night’s meeting to cover the next three years.

Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz said that the contract covers state-mandated curbside recycling collection twice a month for 3,240 households in the city.

Holtz said that the current contract totals $74,500, or $1.92 per month per household.

That price is going to spike.

The per household price for the next three years goes from $2.46 to $2.51 to $2.56.

That makes the total contract price range from $96,500 to $100,454.

Councilman John Lewis asked what caused the $20,000+ spike.

“That was my first questions,” Holtz said, noting they met with Advanced Disposal officials.

Holtz said their response was an acknowledgment that this was a significant increase and that the number “hadn’t been increased for several years.”

“(The) markets are quite low and have been low for quite some time,” Holtz said. “It was a large increase. I’m not defending them by any means. (We) haven’t had an increase by more than two or three cents in 10 to 12 years. Maybe this was a correction.”

Lewis asked if they approached another firm and Holtz said the the request for proposals was submitted to five companies yet received only one response.