Rural Regional College won’t include South Street school

When it was announced back in April that the Rural Regional College would be locating in Warren, the plan included the former South Street Early Learning Center.

That plan is now up in smoke.

Established by act of the state legislature in 2014, the RRC has been tasked with forming a community college to serve Cameron, Crawford, Elk, Erie, Forest, McKean, Potter, Venango and Warren counties.

While courses will be offered throughout that region, the headquarters are set to be here.

Multiple people affiliated with the location, however, confirmed to the Times Observer that the original plan – which would have headquartered both the RRC and Warren-Forest Hi-Ed at South Street – has fallen through.

“It’s our understanding (there are) some circumstances that occurred that might prevent us from locating at South Street,” RRC Project Executive Duane Vicini said.

When asked what those circumstances are, Vicini said he was “not in a position to expand upon that.”

“We are looking at various other opportunities within Warren County and will continue to review those possibilities and move forward from there,” he added.

Commissioner Ben Kafferlin said that two properties are currently being evaluated as possible alternatives – one in the City of Warren and one outside of the city.

While he declined to provide specific information on those possibilities, he said that both potential options would represent an improvement over the original proposal.

When asked if the original plan’s failing might cause the RRC board to look elsewhere to locate the headquarters, Vicini said: “Not at this time.”

“We are still working very closely with the WCCBI in Warren County.”