Regional college to nix ‘Rural’ in name change

More changes are coming for the region’s first community college.

The Rural Regional College of Northern Pennsylvania is in the process changing its name to Northern Pennsylvania Regional College, according to college President Dr. Joseph T. Nairn.

“The college is in the process of renaming itself as the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College,” Nairn told the Times Observer on Monday. “We were waiting for certain pieces of legislation to be approved in Harrisburg before we initiated the process. Nothing is official yet, but the process is underway.”

Rural will be eliminated from the school’s name because it describes only part of the area the college covers.. Students will be able attend classes in locations across nine northern Pennsylvania counties, including Warren, Crawford, and Erie.

“When the college was established, it was as ‘the Rural Regional College of Northern Pennsylvania'”, Nairn said. “Now that the Fiscal and School codes have been passed, we are working with the Pennsylvania Department of Education to facilitate a name change.”

The headquarters of the college are set to be in Warren. Where the headquarters will be in the county is currently in question. Multiple people affiliated with the location recently confirmed to the Times Observer that the original plan – which would have headquartered both the RRC and Warren-Forest Hi-Ed at South Street – has fallen through. Commissioner Ben Kafferlin recently said that two properties are currently being evaluated as possible alternatives – one in the City of Warren and one outside of the city.

While he declined to provide specific information on those possibilities, he said that both potential options would represent an improvement over the original proposal.