Region trending toward milder, snowier winters

Snow season is upon Warren County. So how much snow can residents of the county expect this season?

According to the United State Climate database, on average the county will see 59.79 inches of snow fall between late November and early April. 2016’s winter season brought milder than usual temperatures to the area, as well as more snow than average.

A whopping 77.95 inches of snow fell between November 20, 2016 and April 7, 2017. 32.72 of those inches fell in December, which was more than the combined total of December 2013, December 2014, and December 2015 (32.15 total inches). 11.07 inches fell in January, 17.87 in February, 14.8 in March, and 0.51 fell on April 7 to end the season.

Temperatures were also significantly higher than average in the 2016-2017 season. While December’s average temperature was lower than normal (28.95 degrees in 2016, 29 on average), the other three winter months were much warmer. January 2017 saw an average temperature of 31.1 degrees, up significantly from the average of 24 degrees. February (34.3 degrees in 2017, 27 on average) and March (34.05 in 2017, 34 on average) rounded out a mild winter in the county.

2016-2017 marked the fifth consecutive winter that average winter temperatures in the county increased.