County’s voter turnout low

Only 22.35 percent of those registered went to the polls last week

Less than one-in-four registered voters in Warren County went out to the polls in last week’s general election.

Warren County Director of Elections Lisa Rivett told the county commissioners – who double as the Board of Election in non-commission election years – at Monday’s vote count that 6,716 ballots were cast in the county, good for 22.35 percent turnout.

Rivett said that “all the machines behaved themselves” and that the website,, “worked really well that night.”

Rivett’s work isn’t yet done though – she told the Board that she still will have to contact all the people who tied in those small municipal votes, see if they want the position and conduct roll-offs if multiple people who tied for the same amount of votes both want the post. She told the board that she is already aware that additional poll workers will be needed for the next election.

In the last high-profile race to be decided, Republican Maurice Cashman with 715 votes defeated write-in candidate Dan Ristau, who finished with 412 write-ins that we certified on Monday.

Counting write-in votes also means striking those that are ficticious or were cast for people already on the ballot.

And in that area Warren County was all over the map. “Anyone else,” Barack Obama and Mickey Mouse received votes for Supreme Court. All three options could be found up and down the ballot.

While District Attorney Rob Greene ran unopposed, constituents cast ballots for Daffy Duck, Grumpy Cat and Gambler Kenny Rogers to be the county’s top prosecutor.

Mickey Mouse, Fred Flintstone, Spongebob Squarepants and Ringo Starr all picked up magisterial district justice votes.

“Crook” received a vote for City of Warren mayor while Bugs Bunny got a vote in Tidioute.

The Board of Elections evidently doesn’t think animals are fit to serve striking “dog” from Limestone Township election judge. Maybe they should have listed a specific breed?

Perhaps the most creative in a long list of Bandit, Porky Pigs, Mary Poppins and Trumps was the vote cast in Pleasant Township for “Fletcher Biceps.”

Other people tend to comment more on the issues in their vote.

One write-in for district attorney was succinct – “Rob Greene sucks;” another voter in the western part of Warren County used write-in space to call for “Change Rt. 6 Speed Limit.”