Career Center next up for building renovation

The Warren County School District is ready to embark on the latest in a series of major building renovations.

The work at Warren County Career Center is estimated to approach $17 million.

At Monday night’s committee meetings and special board meeting, the board met with project managers from Eckles Architecture and Engineering.

The company has worked on projects throughout the region and has been working with the district on paving.

“We have a staff that is geared toward public schools,” Dave Esposito said. “We like doing schools. We know how to do them. We understand the special needs that school districts have.”

There was the almost $10 million project at Butler County Area Vo-Tech School, Connellsville Area Career and Technical Center at $14.6 million, and the $27.4 million Pine-Richland STEAM Addition.

At one point, a communication problem led to Esposito stating that the company could not responsibly meet the district’s timeline.

That miscommunication was later cleared up. Esposito thought the board was giving his company five months to do the work. The leadership team could begin immediately, he said, but the full force of the company could not be brought to bear until spring. “We would not be able to immediately start work on your project,” he said. “We owe it to our current clients to work with them and finish working with them.”

When it became clear that the job was to be done in 12 to 14 months, Esposito said that was a very reasonable target. “We could certainly do a project of this size and have it completed in 12 to 14 months,” he said. “Complete in March? No.”

Board member Arthur Stewart said he was glad the confusion had arisen because it gave the board insight into the integrity of the company.

At the special meeting, the board approved hiring Eckles for the engineering and design of the career center project.