Action taken on pair of properties

Two properties were moved to the Planning Committee by the Blighted Property Review Committee during a Thursday lunchtime meeting.

The first is located at 1667 Priest Hollow Road and is owned by Blaine Bidwell.

Bidwell said that he previously talked to the Russell fire department about potentially burning the structure as a training exercise but was led to believe they don’t do that any more due to insurance issues.

County Planner Dan Glotz said that the hazardous materials present – shingles, siding – have to be removed first.

Bidwell told the BPRC that some members of the Amish community to tear down a barn on the property

“Right now the barn is not the issue,” BPRC member and Pine Grove Township Supervisor Charles Morrison said.

BPRC member and Pleasant Township Supervisor John Phillips suggested to Bidwell that he make a deal with the people demolishing the barn to also tear down the house.

All agreed that the structure is not livable and Phillips said it “shouldn’t take much to knock it down.”

“There’s no salvage in it,” he added. “It has to come down.”

County Planner Dan Glotz told Bidwell that the next step in the process is sending the property before the Planning Commission to ensure that the BPRC and township followed the guidelines of the blight process.

From there, the property would go to the Redevelopment Authority which would give “other options” for resolving the conditions of blight.

“What we try to do is get it cleaned up as fast as we can,” Morrison said.

The second property before the committee is located on Farnsworth Rd. and owned by David Bennett of Michigan.

Glotz told the committee he received a letter from an adjacent property owner who had expressed interest in purchasing the property.

He said that the owner has signed for each of the certified mailings but has contacted the county regarding this property.

Morrison said that one could “give it (the structure) a push and push it over.”

Phillips asked how the county can facilitate the potential sale to the neighbor, proposing conservatorship as an option.

Glotz pointed out that would have to take place at the RDA level but said it “might be worth it for me to make a phone call to the next door neighbor (and) see what all he has done to get into contact with” the current owner.