Students, faculty settle in after Beaty schedule changes

Beaty Warren Middle School underwent some changes last week and the details are working out.

Shortly after the start of the school year, administration had announced that there would be schedule changes and adjustments. After weeks of preparation, those changes were put into place on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

“Beaty rolled out their new schedules… and overall it went very smooth,” Principal Shannon Yeager said last week. “At this time, administration is not planning any other major changes to the master schedule. We are confident that the changes that were made have fixed the issues that prompted the change.”

Aside from schedule changes and students seeing some different teachers than the ones they started the year with, one of the visible changes was to the orchestra program. “Orchestra was not eliminated, nor were any other programs eliminated with the schedule change,” Yeager stressed. “We knew moving forward that we had a couple other programs we had to restructure.”

“Orchestra was restructured because we needed to make sure that we could get all the students together as a grade level while being able to offer them lesson time,” he said.

The band and orchestra instructors were consulted and the decision was made to combine the orchestra and band students at each grade level, he said.

“Those students who have sixth grade orchestra will meet with the sixth grade band and so on.”

“Mr. McClard is working on a schedule that will allow him to pull the orchestra students for group lessons,” Yeager said. “We are confident that this restructure is in the best interest of the students and will provide them with a quality orchestra and band experience.”

There will be a performance by all of the band-orchestra groups as one — “the first time in 25 years that there has been a full orchestra at Beaty,” Yeager said. “Like they do with the band, the music teachers will bring the entire group together for rehearsals before the concert.”

The orchestra concert is scheduled for Dec. 12.

There were also changes made to the fifth grade art, music, and gym — the specials.

“Fifth grade specials were restructured so they would look like the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade specials — one special per marking period, four days per week, with gym being offered one day per week for the entire school year,” Yeager said.