Out and down

Student population drops 2 percent in district

The official enrollment figures for Warren County School District are out, and down.

After a drop of 28 students last year, the district enrollment is down 89 this year — two percent of the student body.

While total enrollment is down, numbers are up in the eastern and central parts of the county.

At Sheffield schools, there were 503 students in the east last year and there are 514 this year — a positive change of 2.2 percent.

Warren schools went up from 2,139 to 2,165 — a change of about 1 percent.

The drops in the north and west more than offset those gains.

Youngsville schools lost 57 students — from 839 to 782. That is almost 7 percent.

Eisenhower had the largest change. In 2016-2017, the enrollment in the northern attendance area was 916. The number this year is 847 — a drop of 69 students or 7.5 percent.

There is no obvious end in sight for the trend toward falling enrollment. The district is getting older — there are fewer elementary students than there are secondary students.

The largest classes in the district are the current seniors and freshmen, with 387 and 373 students respectively. Grades 8 through 12 make up the top five classes by enrollment.

The current third grade class is the smallest in the district with 272 students. Next is the kindergarten class of 294, followed by the seventh grade at 314.