County RDA meets to hear updates

The Warren County Redevelopment Authority didn’t have a quorum on Tuesday in order to take action but still heard updates regarding the properties under its review.

A conservatorship hearing has been scheduled for November 15 at 1 p.m. regarding the property at 15235 Rt. 6, Mead Twp., owned by Cynthia Osborne and James Falber.

County Planner Dan Glotz said that some cleaning has been done and a fence has been installed to hide some stuff between the house and garage.

County Solicitor Andrea Stapleford said that a hearing is set for November 29 with a bankruptcy court regarding the former Barley Home, 506 S. State St., North Warren, owned by Rodger and Kathleen Shattuck.

“Hopefully there will be some movement,” Stapleford said. “There’s some progress on that.”

The RDA had initially decided to file for conservatorship against the 16 W. Main St., Youngsville, property owned by Hobson McKown but were informed that McKown is now working well with the borough. Stapleford suggested that the county wait a month before filing for conservatorship.

Stapleford said she sent letters to six different people with addresses connected to the property in county property records, for of which were returned by the postal service. The two letters that didn’t return didn’t result in any contact regarding the property.

She said they could pursue conservatorship in order to get the property moved to an interested party.

Questions regarding whether a husband may be surviving have stalled action on the 3 Economy St. property in the name of the now-deceased Twila Williams.

The RDA has previously authorized Stapleford to open an estate for Williams if none had been open. One hadn’t been but Stapleford said she saw a James E. Williams identified in Williams’ obituary. The Borough’s information to the county regarding the property identified a Corry man as associated with the property not named James Williams.

Stapleford said she could proceed with opening the estate.

Stapleford added that a foreclosure action was filed against the Leon R. Poston property located at 15 Center St. in Clarendon.

She said she would notify the attorneys involved regarding the blight conditions and said that the borough could proceed with nuisance ordinance violations even though there are bankruptcy proceedings involved.