Beaty schedule changes go into effect today

The schedule changes at Beaty-Warren Middle School are in place.

Warren County School District Superintendent Amy Stewart announced at Monday night’s school board meeting that the changes would be instituted Tuesday. “Beaty schedules are ready to change tomorrow,” she said. “We’re excited to see those get turned around.”

New Principal Shannon Yeager will oversee the changes that have been in the works for three weeks.

District officials announced on Sept. 22 that schedule changes — including class times and even teachers –would be required due to overlaps and gaps in the schedule.

“The majority of the changes will be related to the times that courses are offered, although there are going to be some circumstances that dictate a teacher change,” Stewart said in September.

Board member Marcy Morgan advised county voters to do some research before election day.

“In November, Pennsylvania voters will be asked if they think it’s a good idea to get rid of property tax,” Morgan said. “There are consequences. You really should look at the issues before you vote yea or nay.”

Board President Donna Zariczny said the proposal would not eliminate property taxes. “That’s the misconception,” she said.

The referendum would give voters the chance to approve an amendment to the state constitution allowing county, municipal, and school district governments to exclude up to 100 percent of homestead property. The current maximum exclusion from property taxes is 50 percent.

Zariczny said the members of the board would have a discussion at the Oct. 23 committee meetings about whether they choose to take a collective position on the issue.