What’s a Steer Dump?

It’s exactly what you’re thinking

What’s a Steer Dump?

In my defense, even Google didn’t know what a steer dump was in the context of a county fair.

I had to ask, when my fellow reporters told me I’d be attending one this year. I had to ask because, I thought, surely it can’t be what I’m thinking it is. I have a tendency to be…let’s go with “sophomoric.” Achilles had his heel. I have the sense of humor of a twelve-year-old boy. It is what it is.

I’m not ashamed.

“Its exactly what you’re thinking it is,” explained Brian Ferry, before laying out the basic premise. “The ring is groomed into a grid, a steer is turned loose on it, and it’s basically a big game of bingo.”

And that’s pretty much the deal. I don’t have a lot to add to that succinct and accurate description.

The steer dump is kind of a big deal, because people aren’t just waiting for a cow to poop in the show ring. They’re waiting for him to poop on the spot they bet on. And there’s a fair — no pun intended — amount of money to be won by the winning speculator.

Usually, the announcer said as Casper, owned by Katie Downs who is in her first year of 4-H with the Kinzua Cowpokes, was led into the ring, it takes around ten minutes for the steer to do the deed. Casper, though, took the title this year, giving the folks in the new seating structure beside the show ring around a 20-minute wait.

Four $50 prizes went to Kevin Eckert, Spanky Hall, Gene Reinhard, and Bob Martin. Another four $100 prizes went to Beth English, Brandy West, Marlene Byler, and Dawn Hagberg. The $1,000 grand prize was taken by Helen Chambers.

The steer dump is a fundraiser for Warren County Crimestoppers.