School board to hold its annual goal-setting meeting August 14

The school board will hold its annual goal-setting meeting this month.

The meeting will be held in public starting at 5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 14, at the district office at the former Russell Elementary School.

Officials expect the meeting to have to be recessed for the 7 p.m. regular board meeting and continue once regular business has been handled.

During committee meetings and regular meetings, the board focuses on specific items. The goal-setting is more general.

“Every year the board works with administration to create a set of goals that are relevant and critical to the proper operation of the district,” Board President Donna Zariczny said. “We take the time to discuss and analyze the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that we see within the district and then formulate overarching goals to move the district forward.”

Following last year’s goal setting, Superintendent Amy Stewart said, “These goals are so invaluable to us. We know where to focus our energy.”

Seven of the board’s 11 high-priority goals in 2016 related to curriculum, three to the budget, and one to the master facilities plan.

“We find this beneficial throughout the year as we are expending dollars toward programs and initiatives by confirming their relevance in regard to the board goals,” Zariczny said. “It keeps everyone focused on the same efforts. This year’s goal setting venue will be a meeting that is open to the public on August 14 at 5 p.m. at Central Office in the board room.”