Severe weather hits home


Two tornadoes were reported in Warren County on Sunday evening.

Warren County Public Safety Director Todd Lake told the Times Observer that tornadoes had been spotted on Route 59 in eastern Warren County and on Mohawk Avenue in Mead Township near Chapman Dam. Both tornadoes were reported as touching down.

Lake said he spoke with the National Weather Service after the initial line of strong thunderstorms that moved through the county between 4 and 5:30 p.m. The NWS confirmed that the storms passing through the county could have caused tornadoes.

“They (the NWS) weren’t able to confirm a tornado yet, but they were able to confirm a ‘hook echo’ on the radar in the county,” Lake said.

A hook echo is radar signature that often times is a sign of tornado development.

“We’ll get out to those areas tomorrow (Monday) and take a look at the damage,” Lake said. “That will give us a much better idea of what exactly went through.”

The National Weather Service did not issue a Tornado Watch or Tornado Warning at any point on Sunday. Two Severe Thunderstorm Watches, two Severe Thunderstorm Warnings, a Flood Advisory, and a Flash Flood Watch were all issued throughout the day.

A second line of strong thunderstorms moved through the county between 8 and 9 p.m.

The strong storms also caused several power outages throughout the county. Street lights in the City of Warren were ineffective for a time due to the power outage and were replaced by stop signs.

If confirmed, Sunday’s storm would be the second to produce tornadoes in the county after a tornado touched down two miles northwest of Youngsville on April 20.