Forest-Warren Human Services talks suicide prevention, changes to rates for ID services

The Forest-Warren Human Services advisory board met Tuesday.

Among other things, suicide prevention trainings and changes to rates for Intellectual Disabilities services were discussed.

According to Ronna Tipton, ID Coordinator for FWHS said that increasing rates passed down from the state are essentially nullifying the increase in the Person Family Directed Support waiver cap, which was raised $3,000 to $33,000. Even with the cap increase, said Tipton, “rates have put people over the cap.”

She said that so far the solution has been to approve consumers for 6 months of services at a time until a solution has been reached, but as of right now said Tipton, “I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

Kari Salapek Clinical Supervisor at Beacon Light Behavioral Health, will be working with the school district to provide suicide prevention training in the schools to both staff and specialized training to students in an effort to make students better able to support peers.

Salapek also reported that Abby Wenzel would be leaving Beacon Light on August 3 of this year. Other providers within Beacon Light are stepping up to fill in the gaps as Wenzel transitions away from the agency, said Salapek. “I don’t think it’s going to create a big issue,” said Salapek, in terms of increasing the time consumers wait to receive services. Otherwise, said Salapek, programs at Beacon Light continue to see good enrollment numbers.

The next advisory board meeting his scheduled for Tuesday, July 11.