Ekidz Care available in Warren County

In-home pediatric nursing services are available in Warren County.

Heather Streczywilk, Director of Ekidz Care in Erie, presented the company to staff of Forest Warren Human Services on Tuesday morning.

Ekidz Care is a pediatric home healthcare agency for families with children who have medically and/or behaviorally complex healthcare needs, Streczywilk said.

“People really don’t know that (this kind of service) exists, and it really is beneficial,” she said.

Ekidz care has been working in Warren County for about five years, according to Streczywilk, with the Erie office staffing Warren County.

Situations in which a family might need pediatric home care include single parent households, homes where both parents work, and pretty much any constellation of circumstances that prevent a parent or parents from being able to optimally care for a child with a medical or behavioral need.

Ekidz staff provide services such as skilled nursing hourly care, home health and personal care aides, skilled nursing visits, infusion therapy, and family education. Many times the children cared for by Ekidz staff are “medically fragile,” according to agency literature, in need of feeding tubes, tracheostomy tubes, and ventilators. Common diagnoses that Ekidz works with include cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, autism, and multiple congenial abnormalities.

Referrals can come from virtually any source, said Streczywilk, including families themselves, physicians, hospitals, nurses, case managers, schools and therapists. The majority of referrals, though, come from families themselves according to Streczywilk.

Ekidz accepts a variety of insurances, although the insurance providers that tend to cover Ekidz services most comprehensively are medicaid variants like UPMC For You, Gateway, and Amerihealth. They also accept “straight Access,” although the authorization process can take longer. Streczywilk said that the average time to go from referral to approval is around two to three weeks. Sometimes it’s faster, she said, and sometimes it takes a little longer.

Services are open to children up to age 21, and the Erie office is able to answer questions from professionals and families.

To learn more about Ekidz Care services in Warren, call (814) 807-1162 or email Erie@eKidzCare.com. To learn more about Ekidz Care in general visit www.ekidzcare.com.