City of Warren preparing to sell several properties

The City of Warren Redevelopment Authority is getting several properties under its purview on the move.

The Authority has a couple properties it would like to sell – 908 and 910 Pennsylvania Avenue and 102 Center Street.

City Planner David Hildebrand said that realtor Karlene Smith with Real Living provided sales agreements for each of the properties.

Those agreements included suggested prices – $22,000 for 908 Pennsylvania Avenue, $610 for 910 and $25,000 for the parcels together. The Center Street property estimate was $18,000.

“These are suggested prices for the properties you have similar to what has been selling in Warren and North Warren recently,” Hildebrand said.

It was initially proposed to invite Smith to the July meeting before moving ahead but multiple members of the authority suggested that the sales agreements could be approved now.

“We may need her for future properties,” Authority member Marty McQuillen said, noting it would be good to “develop some kind of working relationship with her.”

“Let’s get it done,” Chairman David Cantrell said.

The Authority also addressed the property at 304 Beech Street. Bernard T. Hessley with Habitat for Humanity said that they would be unable to construct a house on the side.

“We would have to do a stick-built building,” Hessley said. “(We) have a partnership with the Warren County Career Center for building homes that we move on site.”

Quantity of volunteers was cited as the issue as well as the producing relationship with the WCCC.

“It’s quicker for us to work with the school district and it’s beneficial for the students,” he said.

“The EOC (Warren Forest Economic Opportunities Council) is definitely interested in taking this property,” said Terry Williams, city administrator, noting that the EOC wants to enhance a piece of land they already have in the area.

Hessley offered to transfer the property directly to the EOC and the RDA elected to go in that direction contingent on the EOC indicating their interest in obtaining the property.

Hildebrand said that will keep the property “moving along.”

“I think that’s a good solution,” Authority member Tricia Durbin said.