Case against man charged with assisting Wolfgang will move forward

The case against one of the individuals charged with assisting Keller Wolfgang after the August 2016 assault will now move forward.

The case against the other is already closed.

Robert Donald Leo Clever II, currently incarcerated in state prison on arson charges, and Cassandra R. Lindsey, both of Warren, were charged with hindering apprehension or prosecution in the wake of Wolfgang’s conduct.

District Attorney Rob Greene said on Monday that the case against Clever will now move forward in the wake of Wolfgang’s plea. The charges against Lindsey were withdrawn in February.

Clever said at Wolfgang’s preliminary hearing that he “grew up” with Wolfgang and initially became involved in this situation when he saw a post on Facebook, and proceeded to ask him if he was OK.

Clever testified that Wolfgang said he needed a ride and proceeded to offer him a ride to Erie around midnight.

“Not at first” did Wolfgang tell Clever what happened, he testified. Eventually, Wolfgang told Clever that he got into a fight and stabbed a woman but didn’t say why. “He was very vague about everything,” Clever testified.

He asked Wolfgang if the woman was alive and he testified that Wolfgang said, “I don’t know.”

Clever and Wolfgang arrived at a travel station in Harborcreek and Clever testified that Wolfgang took his car when he went into get some food.

After 30 to 60 minutes of trying to contact Wolfgang, Clever said he called police to report the stolen vehicle, at which point he was told the vehicle had been in a crash and Wolfgang had been apprehended.

Online court records show that he was sentenced in Erie County court to 105 days to 18 months incarceration on charges of driving while BAC .02 or greater while license suspended and fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer.

Greene said that Clever’s willingness to testify against Wolfgang will be “taken into consideration” in plea negotiations.

Lindsey testified at Wolfgang’s preliminary hearing that he was a friend of her husband and came to her door at about 11 p.m. on the night of Aug. 24.

She testified that she could see blood on his shirt and pants and that his “socks (were) soaked with blood all the way through.”

Lindsey testified that the socks were subsequently placed in a garbage can and his shirt put in the washer.

“He asked me to help him get cleaned up,” Lindsey said. “(I) thought at first he may have been in an accident.”

She said that, as they were talking, Wolfgang pulled out a knife that was “covered in blood.”

Greene said that the charges against Lindsey were withdrawn because she was “willing to testify” against Wolfgang but “more importantly, her actions, albeit meeting the definition of a crime, were understandable and did not rise to the level of criminal conduct I want to pursue.”