Y’ville ready for Phase II of project

Youngsville Borough Council is ready to commit to $300,000 to Phase II of its streetscape project.

Council approved a motion to apply for $1 million in multi-modal transportation funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED).

Phase II involves East Main Street from the bridge over Brokenstraw Creek to Bates Street.

“I think that’s a responsible way to spend tax dollars, to repair infrastructure,” Council member Troy Clawson said.

The project, even with a full $1 million, would not put utilities underground.

“One million is not going to get us undergrounding,” Borough Manager Lisa Hagberg said. “This is going to be a beautification project.”

That is acceptable to council.

“If they can move them off the street, I think that’s a win,” Council member Troy Clawson said. “That’s our gem right there. Even if it’s only a three- or four-block area.”

The borough will look to the county commissioners for some assistance in securing the grant. “We will be sending this to the lobbyist once our application is complete,” Hagberg said.

The grant would require a 30 percent match.

The borough doesn’t have $300,000 lying around as a match, but it has a good start.

“We have $170,000 in our Streetscape funds donated from various foundations,” she said.

Clawson said Revitalization of Youngsville has been very responsive when it comes to raising money for improving the borough. He expects the group could be counted on to find the money to make up most of the difference.

The next meeting of the borough’s strategic planning committee will be held from 5 to 6 p.m. Thursday, April 13.

The targets established at the three previous planning meetings were posted on the walls in the council chamber. “We’re asking everyone to come with their priorities,” Hagberg said.

Council member Rick Brewster said he hopes to see the public interest in the meetings continue. “We’re really pleased with the attendance we’re getting.”