No offers made on two Pennsylvania Avenue properties

The City of Warren Redevelopment Authority has several properties for sale.

But action on those properties has not been as fast and furious as hoped.

The RDA received a 90 day update from city staff on the status of properties at 908 and 910 Pennsylvania Avenue East and 102 Center Street.

The city purchased the Pennsylvania Avenue properties at sheriff’s sale last year and then transferred the properties to the RDA. The owner of the Center Street property gave that parcel to the RDA.

City Administrator Mary Ann Nau said that there is signage on the properties and that the properties are advertised on the city’s website.

While the services of a realtor have been utilized by the city in the past, Nau said that they are “holding off hoping to get some bites.”

“Initially, we did,” she added, but noted that interest has slowed.

Authority member Randy Rossey asked whether it would be worth following up on that initial interest.

“102 Center had the most discussion,” Nau said. “I think it was from the neighborhood itself. Also, someone from the county was looking to rehab and move in. (They) looked at it (and realized there is) a lot more work than they wanted to pursue.

“I can’t say we have anybody kind of just waiting,” Nau said. “I indicated to them this is a ‘make an offer’ situation.”

She added that no offers have been received for any of the properties.

RDA Chairman David Cantrell suggested engaging the services of a realtor to get these properties moved before more properties come from the city’s re-born Blighted Property Review Committee.”

Rossey then made a motion to solicit bids from realtors, which was approved unanimously.