Benches pop up along bike trail

Several benches have popped up on the Bike/Hike Trail in the last couple weeks.

The simple benches offer advertising space on the chair back.

The trail is responsibility of the county.

And they didn’t know the benches were going in.

Commissioner Jeff Eggleston said during Monday’s work session that five or six benches were placed amid some miscommunication with the company that placed them.

“I kind of have an issue with that,” he said. “Basically, they were put up without any authorization.”

“Apparently there is some kind of agreement floating around that I’ve never seen,” he added. “I’m going to try to dig that up. It’s not a huge deal. The benches are there. They’ve agreed to remove them at any time.”

Eggleston said that the county has fielded inquiries for more benches on the bike trail and he proposed working with the Warren County Career Center or local Boy Scout groups to make it happen.

He said that he thought it was the “perfect project” to work with the WCCC on.

“We would be willing to pay for materials and even install them,” he said. “We could help with the design if they need that.”