Sugar Grove Council has ‘plan’ for replacing Younie St. culvert

The Sugar Grove Borough Council took another step towards replacing a culvert under Younie Street Monday evening.

Andy Johnson, a civil engineer with EcoStrategies in Falconer, N.Y., along with Heather Wilcox, Warren County Conservation District manager, presented a draft permit and design drawings for the project.

“It’s a pretty solid plan, with a nice, arched culvert and check dams downstream to help prevent erosion,” Johnson said. “Look it over. If you have questions or suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them.”

He suggested leaving a copy of the draft documents at the Sugar Grove Free Library so residents and prospective bidders could look them over, as well as a half-dozen copies at the borough office.

Karla LoPresti, borough secretary asked Johnson if he could help with the advertising for bidding and bid package for the project, and he said he would. He also left copies of his business card with LoPresti for contractors.

He assured council members that his firm would be on hand during work to ensure “enough oversight to make sure everything is done right.”

Johnson said it was typical to give contractors two to three weeks to submit bids, but LoPresti said the next council meeting would be on July 11.

Johnson said if council could sign the draft package Monday evening, the bid packages could be ready this week. LoPresti asked if the bids were too expensive, could council refuse them, and Johnson told council that they had the right to refuse any bid.

Council member Dave Krespan said, “Can we look at (guide) rails on the north side?”

Johnson noted it would be a good idea, depending on available funding, and that guide rails “can get expensive.”.

Mayor Pete Allenson said, “Let’s look at it both ways.”

Council President Kevin McIntyre noted the new culvert should have asphalt paving, to match what was already there. He said the old paving resulted from “50 years of tar and chip.”

Johnson said he would add notes to the draft, so no one would be surprised about the final package.

Council voted unanimously to approve the draft, with revisions.