Sugar Grove Life

Photos submitted to Times Observer Thank you to all those in the Sugar Grove community who came out to donate blood for the American Red Cross on Wednesday. Picture is Daniel Stewart enjoying the Amish dinner and pastries available for all those who donated.

Book Club

The Sugar Grove Free Library Book Club meeting will return this month on January 30. Contact the local Library if you would like to obtain a copy of this month’s book and join the club.

Community Lunches

A community lunch will be held next Friday, Feb. 3, at the Mission Covenant Church.  Each month the community lunch is held on the first Friday of the month at the Mission Covenant Church at the corner of Matthews Run and Jackson Run Road.

On the second Thursday of each month at the Sugar Grove United Methodist Church, located at the corner of Race Street and Jamestown Street in the center of town, will be a community lunch.

On the third Wednesday of the month, it will be held at the Hessel Valley Lutheran Church located in Chandlers Valley.  All lunches begin at 11:30 a.m.  Everyone is invited to attend.

Star Readers

The Eisenhower Elementary School.  This year the Reading wall of fame has a Star reader program where students can be nominated by their teacher to be a Star reader. Students are nominated for various reasons choosing to read in their spare time meeting there accelerated reader goals showing reading improvement etc.  These students also get their name on the wall and receive a certificate, reading charm, and a prize. Keep reading everyone. You’re doing a great job! So far this year the EES Star Readers are: September: Zoe Atkins, Mason Britt, Max Enos, Nick Wolfer. October: Abby Allen, Jessalyn Baker, Memphis Bryant, Joelle Burlingame, Kendra Danielson, Kyle Dippold, Landon Frederes, Callan Gigliotti, Sloan Horner, Emilie Jones, Drew Mandeville, Jack Martin, Sophia Martin, Riley McCaslin, Michael Mizner, Edwin Pabon, Isaiah Reagle, Carly Russell, Olivia Wallace, Sophia Wallace, and Winnifred Wolf. November: Allie Barr, Savannah Gilbert Harvey, Trinity Finch, Kendall Fitzgerald, Derek Guiher, Addyson Hannold, Autumm Howick, Brice Ludwick, Cameron Jakubczak, Tracey Jakubczak, Aiden Jewell, Ryan Posker, Daniel Potts, Miranda Saunders, Hialeah Stanton, Joseph Stewart, Wiley VanOrd, Wesley Wilcox, Kierra Wismar, Winnifred Wolf, Morgan Zaffino. December: Mason Britt, Maxwell Enos, Alivia Glotz, Braylon Haskins, Autumn Howick, Meea Irwin, Kale Jespersen, KC Johnson, Ariel Ludwick,  Kayla Oaks, Nevaeh Sampson, Ella Wiltsie. January: Billy Baker, Lilly Cathcart, Mason Degnan, Easton Fitzgerald, Kaitlyn Guilford, Meisyn  Haskins, Ava Hice, Jack Hilburt, Tonya Hotaling, Ryan Huck, Leyna Irwin, Emma Jameson, Carter Jewell, Keiton Johnson, Sophia Martin, Peyton Matson, Ciara Sherwood, Haileah Stanton, Kyler Zimmerman.

Blood Drives

Thank you to everyone who showed up at the American Red Cross Blood Drive on Wednesday, Jan. 18, at the Sugar Grove Volunteer Fire Department. There will be an American Red Cross Blood Drive at the Lander Volunteer  Fire Department on Wednesday, Jan. 28, from 4 to 8 p.m. There will also be another blood donation on March 15 in Sugar Grove. Please consider donating.

WCSD Schedule

Looking ahead, note there will be no classes for students at Eisenhower on Thursday, Feb. 2, and Friday, Feb. 3. Parent-teacher conferences will be meeting. For more information on scheduling a parent-teacher conference, contact your school office.