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Photos submitted to Times Observer Mobile Ag Ed Science Lab visited Sheffield Elementary School this past week; each class got to visit the lab.

Sheffield Township


Sheffield Township supervisors met on February 5 for their regularly scheduled meeting and Roy Burton was present asking about the possibility of running an electric line underneath the sidewalk beside the grandstands for the two festivals and also Memorial Day services. He felt that the road crew could possibly pick up the sidewalk and put the line underneath it. The one section of sidewalk is in need of repair. This would put a line from the panel box to the grandstands. Supervisor Fitch asked him for an estimate cost and Mr. Burton stated around $250 in materials an about another $250 in labor, but if they road crew could help this wouldn’t cost as much then. The supervisors will add this to their spring road inspection. Mr. Burton also informed the supervisors that he is looking into a grant for two panels and 50 feet of cable to be used during both festivals at a cost of $2,500 for all equipment. Scott Electric offers a grant to a 5013C organization for electrical supplies. Supervisor Paris asked where all this electrical equipment is stored when it’s not in use. Mr. Burton stated in Memorial Park building and Fire Hall. The secretary is to make sure this is included in our insurance policies if it is purchased.

Art Lane of the Music Boosters was present asking for permission to hold the DCI Competition on Friday, July 27, at the Sheffield Sports Complex. He stated that the corps will be in town for two days, because they are competing in Johnsonburg on Thursday night and in Sheffield on Friday night, so it’s easier for them to stay for two nights. Also, a senior drum corp will be in town and would like to practice this same weekend at Memorial Park. Mr. Lane also asked about the possibility of the road crew lining the field, the lining crew from DCI didn’t make the lines dark enough last year and they would like to pay us to have the road crew line the field. Sheffield Fireman’s Festival is Sunday, August 13th – August 18 so this will not affect this event at all. He is asking for the same agreement as last year with the addition of paying road crew for lining. Supervisors approved this.

Casey Anderson, a life scout from Troop No 35, was present asking for permission to paint the scout room in the upstairs of the maintenance garage for his Eagle Scout project. Supervisor Bulicz stated that the township would provide the paint for this project.

A resident of First Mill Street thanked the road crew for fixing the ice problem in front of Dick Eck’s property on First Mill Street. She thought that the township fixed this problem last summer, but apparently it didn’t because the same problem existed this winter. Supervisor Paris reviewed the problem with the drainage of all the homes from 2nd Mill Street and in the back yards of 1st Mill Street not to mention drainage problems all over town. This resident also commented on the way the township is plowing the roads on 1st Mill Street. She stated she watched as the road crew was coming the wrong way on the wrong side of the road and almost hit the oncoming car. She stated they need to abide by the laws of the road even when plowing. She also stated that they throw all the snow on one side of the road, so her side always gets all the snow from the road and that’s not fair to them. She is asking the supervisors to remind the road crew they cannot come down the wrong side of the road. Supervisor Bulicz stated that they do this to get close to that side and can see better when they are coming down the wrong way. The resident stated it’s a learning curve.

Resolution No 466 Declaring 1410 Route 948 the Champlin property a Nuisance Condition was passed and will be sent to the solicitor for violation letter. The hearing scheduled for Tuesday, January 30, has been continued. Mr. Johnson contacted the District Justice Zydonik’s office and informed him that his wife is in the hospital, and he needs her to testify, but he also admitted to the District Justice that those bricks need to be removed. Solicitor Andrea Stapleford feels that this will be resolved before another hearing date is set. Supervisor Paris asked that if thw township doesn’t have a hearing with Mr. Johnson, is there some way it can recoup solicitor fees from Mr. Johnson. The secretary is to contact the solicitor and ask her this.

Notice of filing and hearing on petition for the appointment of a conservator petitions has been forwarded to thw township for 4582 Route 6. This was just for informational purposes. The RDA has asked the township to board the windows and doors of 114-116 West Main Street. If the township incurs any expenses, it is to give the list to the RDA and it will be added to the lien.

An individual has thrown ashes from a stove into the recycling center, among other items as well, rags, old turpentine cans, and other misc. garbage. A courtesy letter will be set to him informing him that we have pictures of him throwing his garbage out and if this continues we will prosecute, said the secretary. Also, ask the solicitor how we would proceed with this.

The supervisors received a request from the SVFD to pay the PA Fire Police dues for the six members of their department — Albert Ace, Kevin Bell, Matt Bell, Jerry Borden, Andrew O’Donnell and Katherine Huddleson, at $10 a member for a total of $60.

Spicer Road Update from Jeff Holcomb, Township engineer: He had a meeting the other day on another project with Amanda Frederick, so he took the opportunity to also talk to her about the Spicer Road streambank stabilization. He told her that he’s in the process of getting a price from Kistner Concrete Products, a designer/manufacturer for a precast retaining wall installed at the site of the failing bank. (A sketch of that system is attached.) She had no problem with that system as a solution. They also talked about other methods of stabilizing the slope, including riprap and gabions. They agreed that the slope is too steep for riprap to be effective. Gabions are a possibility, but Amanda doesn’t want them at an elevation where they will be exposed to water frequently because the wire basket material corrodes in time. Amanda confirmed that the project would be a candidate for a Conservation District Low Volume Roads grant. The grant application would be due in October of 2018. She said the largest possible grant is in the range of $40K to 50K. (The engineers best estimate of total installed cost at this time is on the order of $100K to 200K. He’ll know better once Kistner gets back to him.) She said that the Conservation District would require 2 to 3 log vane deflectors in the creek to help protect the base of the wall from stream erosion. She also said that work to improve the surface drainage along Spicer Road would improve the chances of getting a grant. Township Engineer is also investigating a method called soil nailing. He is working a Perry Kairis, P.E. Independent Project Development Engineer at Geo Stabilization. Perry will get more information to him next week.

The township received a letter from Hessley Law Office informing of the frozen grinder pump at Randolph J. Ishman’s home on January 4 or 5 of 2018 and nobody has yet to come from the authority to help Mr. Ishman with a frozen grinder pump. He is asking that we see why this has happened to one of our tax paying citizens of Sheffield Township. Supervisor Fitch stated that the grinder pump has been replaced and all is working for Mr. Ishman. Concerns were discussed as to how these pumps were installed below the frost line. The authority paid for a new grinder pump as well.

Supervisor Paris asked if the warranty on the tarp was addressed. The secretary will take care of this.

“No Parking” in front of school was discussed. Supervisor Paris stated that the school district purchased the signs, township installed and its considered private property of the school district and once thw township didn’t have a cop anymore, also couldn’t enforce this anymore.

Supervisor Paris stated that she had a concerned citizen inform her of a hole in the grate at the bottom of Tionesta Street by the former BP Station. This will be put on the spring road inspection and a cone was placed there for now.

Other matters discussed:

— Minutes and agenda for the next Warren County COG meeting were given to each supervisors. This meeting is Wednesday, Feb. 7, at 7 p.m. at the Jackson Courtroom at the Warren County Court House.

— Municipal Authority minutes from the January 4 meeting and treasurer’s report for January were given to each supervisor for review.

— PennDOT has given supervisors a Guidebook for County and Municipal Officials for our use.

— Township received the properties that are listed on the Tax Claim Bureau with no upset bid price.

— Township received an occupancy certificate for Debra and Dennis Kemper for a detached garage.

— The next meeting of the township supervisors will be 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 5, at the Food Pantry.

K of C Lenten Fish Dinner

The Knights of Columbus Fish Dinners are being served every Friday night during lent at the St. Paul Center, Route 6, Saybrook Sheffield from 5 to 7 p.m. The meal includes deep-fried Haddock, french fries, coleslaw, rolls, desserts, and beverage all included for $9; 50/50 each night and takeouts are available.

Tuesday Night Piyo Class

Sheffield Lion’s Den, every Tuesday, is Piyo promptly at 6 p.m. High intensity, low impact, hour-long workout. Be sure to bring water and a yoga mat.

Spring Auction

Spring Auction at Sheffield Fire Hall on Saturday, March 10. Doors open at noon. Starts at 1 p.m. Many items, including food items and fishing equipment.

Coming Events

-March 14th Auction at Sheffield VFD

-March 16th Buffet Dinner at Sheffield VFD

-March 19th Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry

-March 24th Craft Show at the Sheffield VFD

-April 2 Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry

-April 4- JR High Home Track Meet against Johnsonburg Area at 4pm

-April 5th 7PM Sheffield Municipal Authority Monthly Meeting

-April 10th Varsity Track Meet at 4PM against Coudersport

-April 11th Jr High Warren County Track Meet at 3:30PM

-April 14th Soup and Sub Sale at the Sheffield VFD

-April 16th Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry

– Home girls softball game at 4:15 against Johnsonburg Area

-April 17th Varsity Track Meet at 4PM against Smethport

-April 23rd Varsity Track Meet at 4PM against North Clarion

-April 24th Home Girls Softball game at 4:15pm against ECC

-April 27th Buffet Dinner at the Sheffield VFD

-April 30th Home Girls Softball Game at 4:15pm against Youngsville

-May 2nd – Home Girls Softball Game at 4:15pm against Otto Eldred

-May 3rd 7PM Sheffield Municipal Authority Meeting

Home Girls Softball Game at 4:15 against Forest Area Schools

-May 4th Jr High Track Meet-Sports Boosters Invitational at 3:30PM

-May 7th Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry

-May 8th Home Girls Softball Game doubleheader at 3PM against Currensville Area

-May 10th Varsity Track Meet at 3:30PM Warren County Track Meet

-May 16th Home Girls Softball Game against Kane at 4:15pm

-May 18th Buffet Dinner at the Sheffield VFD

-May 21st Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry

-June 4th Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry

-June 16th Spring Clean up Day from 7am-2pm at the Sheffield High School parking lot

-June 18th Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry

-June 22nd Buffet Dinner at the Sheffield VFD